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mark little

What Carbs On A Xflow

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being a newbie builder can anyone give me advice on which carbs work best on a 1600 cross flow engine. I've got the standard carbs, twin choke webbers, some Italian carbs that look like twin 40's but are'nt dellorto and also a couple of spare sets of R6 bike carbs off my racing buggy, one set jetted and the other standard. I have inlet manifolds for the standard,twin choke and Italian carbs, and I see from one of the ads a manifold for the bike carbs is'nt a problem.



cheers Mark

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I agree with CMA, I had a Sylva Striker with a 1600 X-Flow engine and tried twin 40's on it and found them a right pain in the arse. The car ran far better on the original twin choke weber than it ever did on the 40's.


Never tried the bike carb route but I do fancy the idea for my 2.0 Pinto'd Exmo


I also hear that Bogg Bros are THE place to go for a manifold

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Boggs look nice but you are paying a lot for polish

GBS is the budget option but works just as well

DanST is a good mid range and will build to your carbs

Xflow a can use the smaller cheaper bike carbs as inlet ports are much smaller than the Pinto

32mm Vs 38mm

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