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Mot Passed, Too Few Miles Last Year, 1300 Sierra Pinto?


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My 2B passed her second MOT with no advisories, her build was complemented by the garage owner who races all sorts of cars in his spare time including some Sierras! He has just taken delivery of a 1300 Pinto powered Sierra, ultra rare apparently! He's not going to race that, just a full restoration.

Whilst the 2B was on the ramp I had a quick look underneath and some jobs are required, sump is scratched and dented so I'm going to build a sump guard, the front crankshaft oil seal is weeping and the oil pressure switch and gauge assembly is also weeping oil!

Worst of all is how few miles I did last year, only 310! I'm embarrassed!

I solemnly promise to do far more this year, clearly I was enjoying my M3 a lot more than I thought! Please accept my humble apolgies

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Yeah the 1300 was a rarity in this country as it didn't have the power to justify it's own weight. It was faaaar more popular in Scandinavia where they had cubic capacity based tax long before us and the 1300 fell into a lower bracket and the difference was significant - you saw a lot of main dealers turbocharging them as that didn't affect their tax but it brought the power up to equal the bigger engines.



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