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Hi all there are some panels on the bay for a 2b back panel with rear arches and bonnet and nose cone i am more interested in the back panel so my question is will panels from a 2b fit on a super spec as they are couple of hours drive from me i wanted to get some advice before i bid on them

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Are these the Ebay ones that look absolutely infested with rust rather than 'surface rust' as described by the seller?


I could do with a new bonnet - but looking at the pictures I'd run a mile especially as they are so far away from you.


Is it just the rear panel you need? If so, they are really not hard to make from a section of nice clean rust free sheet and there are templates somewhere on here for the pattern shape you would need if you wanted to replicate the original.

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Yes that's the ones they do need some work they look like they been sitting in a scrap yard for some time.it's a long drive to pick them up i was thinking if i could get them cheap they would be worth getting. I already have one on the car but the builder of the car didn't do a very good job so i was looking to change it i will have a look at making some as well

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