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Rhocar Membership Card Update

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Please be advised that the delay in this year's welcome packs being sent out is due to the printers that make up our membership cards having a break down of the printer that puts the numbers on the cards and the company advise me that they are still waiting for the parts to repair the machine.


They are hoping to have this sorted in the next couple of days and restart the run.


When they mail me with an ETA of finishing the run .boxing them up and sending them to me I will advise accordingly.


Apologies for this inconvenience






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Card update.


The Printers have had to order a new machine from America in the end as their old machine could not be repaired.


this is being set up at the moment and if all goes will our cards will be printed by


Friday and sent out to me via express delivery


Fingers Crossed

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Membership cards came today at last

Plan of action to get welcome packs out to you all -

Membership by post- These will be the first batch to be done so that members can update themselves to RHOCaR 2016.

RHOCaR officials - I.E committee, Admin, Mods, magazine staff and Area sec's next - this is so they can carry on running the club

Paypal- this will take the longest to work through as most have paid this way.

Please remember welcome packs will not all be out overnight as it will take me a few weeks to work my way through




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All memberships are up to date as of today (16/03/2016) both on PayPal and cheque (post)

Next run will be done in the normal 21 welcome packs

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