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2B Wiper Switch Issues

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I have a 2001 2b which was supplied with the Rh 2B wiring loom, I have a wiper column switch with terminals numbered W1 to W11, I have eight wires to fit to this, does anyone know which wire goes to which terminal,

the wire colours are Violet, green, blue, black, brown/green, red/green, violet/black and green/black.


all help appreciated,




Jim. 8)

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After a bit of work with a meter I find the following; the violet wire was for the indicators,

Thick green wire +ve,

Black earth,

Blue slow speed wiper

Brown Green fast speed wiper

violet/black +ve

brown/black +ve

red wire, horn.


does anyone know which terminals on the back of the switch to connect them to?



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what are the stalks off? if you dont know then put a photo up

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Found this on an old post if it's any help



After much messing around it turned out that the park wire 31B went to W3. The reason why it wasn't spotted earlier was that the contact didn't show up on the test lamp as it has switched off when parked.

W1 > Light Green/Black (Washer Pump)
W3 >Brown/White (31B Park)
W4 > Green (53 Wiper Slow)
W5 > Red (53B Wiper Fast)
W10 > Fused Feed

Wiper 53R Black Violet > Fused Feed

Wiper 31 Brown > Earth

Ignore wire colours but should help with where some wires go to.




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