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Scottish Road Trip


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Trying to find the maps and routs of the last two Scottish road trips that you guys did...


Planning a trip for next year with my brother and couple of others (instead of going to France again) and fancy the highlands.


We have done Europe the last 4 years , and fancy a change and something closer to home.....its all weather dependent, but we have had crap weather when we have been to France/Germany for the last few years so may as well have crap weather closer to home and save the ferry crossing :)


We normally do a 6 day trip...so could do a good highlands tour


Anybody have the links to the maps, B&B's used and any bits that worked didnt work......


Ta !

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That's the One Richard - I knew I had seen that somewhere !


What was your favourite bits of both tours ??


And are there any sections that you would not bother with again



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