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30Mmx36 Spline Driveshaft - Anyone Know Of One?

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So a question to all you wonderfully knowledgeable people out there...


Anyone know of a shaft (a driveshaft, or something materially the same in terms of strength) with a 30mm OD and a 36 spline end?


I'm only after an OE part that someone might be aware of, something readily available. I know plenty of places that will supply a custom shaft to any pattern I like, but before I get fleeced for a pretty sum, I'd rather see if there's a smarter way of doing this...


For clarity, I mean the spline fitting that the tripode fits onto - I'm not referring to a spline pattern into a gearbox or hub; it has to be just the shaft itself.

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Try a mid 90s volvo shaft, 36splines for sure but maybe smaller than 30mm.27mm perhaps. This may open up the avenues to possibly ford group so look at transit 36 spline drive shafts.

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