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National Arboretum Run 23/06/18

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Nice run out thanks Andi & Keith . Andi i hope you enjoyed your free look at Calke Abbey, wonderful sat nav.you have.


Yes I think the sat nav broke its own current record for stupidness. I particularly like the part where 3 kit cars ended up in someones front garden with Martin grounded out on a ramp unable to go backwards because it kept snagging his handbrake on. And the beautiful scenic drive through the private grounds of Calke Abbey (for free because we were not allowed to go back out the same way we came in) was particularly inspiring, not to mention the three times I did emergency braking to go left at the last minute causing Keith to almost mount me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was going to get rid and upgrade but I think i`ll keep it. It`s just sooooooo much random fun.

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