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Grant Edwards

2001 Robin Hood 2B kit car build project

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2001 Robin Hood 2B kit car build project.

1982 Ford Sierra donor, 2.0l pinto engine, V5c in my name.

Unregistered kit which seems to have the majority of parts, possibly all of them, please see photos to see what's there. Only parts not pictured are the windscreen which is intact and rear steel wheels with tyres on.

There are boxes of small parts including various lights, trim, gauges, harnesses, etc.

Includes 5 brand new and immaculate Arays alloy wheels which were the factory option.

Chassis has engine mounted in it and front suspension assembled but panels are only sat in place for photos to give an idea of what car could look like.

Car was at least partially assembled at some point however previous owner dismantled it so there are holes in some panels for rivets.

Original receipt for the kit, receipt for scrapping of Sierra shell, receipt for engine rebuild and other paperwork.

Selling due to not having the spare time to build it and have now bought another Robin Hood that's already on the road.

Ideal lockdown project!

Viewing welcome but social distancing must be respected. I cannot deliver the car but willing to deal with a courier if you arrange it and I have cleared payment in my bank account before V5c is transferred and car leaves.

£1,500 ono 










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To a club member? If not please let them know we are here to help during the build.

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