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Unbuilt Robin Hood 2b plus for sale.


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Anyone interested in buying and building a 2b plus. I do not have fuel tank/radiator/battery, but virtually every thing is included.                                                Option 1 is for £3,600  that is with a 1600 cc pinto engine complete with shortened sump.                                                                                                Option 2 is for £4000  that comes with good 2Ltr  pinto engine I bought off a former member--" the modfather"  Daz 363 I think he was.  ( Darren )  You can just drop either engine in. All unused weather gear bought some years ago same as 5 wheels and tyres bought years ago. Carpet/windscreen/seats/4 steel wheels off the donor vehicle ,I have V5 form and is on sorn.  Any questions please ask. Items are in my garage Birmingham  B43.  Regards Vic


chassis (6).JPG

chassis (9).JPG

chassis (12).JPG

chassis (14).JPG

project parts (4).JPG

project parts (5).JPG



Panels (2).JPG

Panels (4).JPG

Panels (6).JPG

Project (3).JPG

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If this is still for sale then I am interested 🙂

I am a complete newbie to this site and unfamiliar with protocols so excuse my mistakes but I assume I can wait for your reply that it is still availableand then we can have a chat.

CHeers NIck

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