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  1. You might be getting a load more questions in the future, so please keep an eye on this site My question is did you fabricate engine and gearbox mounts or are they available to purchase from somewhere? Many thanks Nick
  2. Hi, I am a newbie here but am interested. Don't quite know how these forums work, but if you can give me some more details if it is still available. As I am a newbie I don't know what I would need to add to your bits and pieces to make a finished car, so if you could say that would be great. Is there a private message service available? I see price is reduced to 1100? Regards Nick
  3. Hi, If this is still for sale then I am interested I am a complete newbie to this site and unfamiliar with protocols so excuse my mistakes but I assume I can wait for your reply that it is still availableand then we can have a chat. CHeers NIck
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