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Motec PDM15


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Not sure if there will be any interest but just on the off-chance anyone is interested in doing a high-end electrical build... I'm contemplating sale of my MoTeC PDM15 power delivery module. 8x 20A outputs and 7x 8A outputs (continuous), 16 digital/analogue inputs, CAN bus, only 260 grams. All outputs have over-current, short circuit and thermal overload protection on them. A wealth of completely customised functions and logic operations, you can program this thing to do pretty much anything you want - simple stuff like switching your cooling fan on/off under certain conditions such as engine temperature, road speed, engine speed, etc. or intermittent wiper speeds based on road speed, fog light logic, run-on water coolant pumps, immobiliser-style functions... the limit is your imagination really! No more fuses and relays - all solid state, resets any circuits automatically if you want it to, or can re-try circuits a number of times before giving up.

Now I appreciate it's a bit high-end for the average kit car build so sit down before I tell you the price but... well, these are £1400 new and I can tell you thanks to international chip shortages you'll be waiting a very considerable time to get one... :( otherwise I'll keep it and might put it in the Zero one day! Happy to help with configuration/explanation if anyone is interested but scared on how to do it ;) .

£900 ono


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