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2B Pics for 7Spot please

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Hi All,

It's 7Spot Jim here!

We (Trevor Rolfe and I) are preparing a 2B video and Substack article (the YT vid will be released Saturday).

I'm writing to request 2B frame and Chassis component pics for an accompanying Substack Article.

The YT video will be a history lesson and description of the 2B (and other RH projects) using Trevor's own 2B as a display model) and I would appreciate it if I could collect some pics I could use for our accompanying Substack article.

7Spot Media includes our FB group but we're really a bit more like a magazine or online broadcaster kind of thing for 7s and 7-type cars.

Here are some of our links so that you can see what we do:

7Spot YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnUjHfgt3_H-NiAg5RVThWA

Join ... 7Spot Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SevenSpot

For access to exclusive 7s Live Programming (and more) please join our Worldwide Community.

7Spot Webpage: https://7spot.nationbuilder.com/

Substack: https://7spot.substack.com/p/replica



Jim Gould

7Spot Media


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