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  1. Another good day. Just about 45 min drive for me, first outing of the year for my padded jacket. We all went a bit early in case there was a queue and the small car park was full. Needn't have worried, only one other car beside us Had an extremely good (and free) tour of the RAF Digby museum. It actually lasted for 2:30hrs. The station was one of the sector HQ for 12 Group during World War II (The South of England was 11 Group so they got most of tthe action during the Battle of Britain) so we got to see the actual operations room where it was all controlled. Even though I spent 37 years in the RAF I still found it very informative and interesting. Highly recommended. That probably knocks it on the head for September, so our next meet will be the Corby Glen Sheep Fair on 9th October (https://www.sheepfair.co.uk/). See you there
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