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  1. Hi Richard and Andrew, Thanks very much to you both for going to the trouble you have to help me with this - It is greatly appreciated! I have not had tme to get to the garage to have a measure up and check, but from what i can see in your pictures, i think the engine looks correctly positioned, but the prop-shaft is shorter than on your builds. I will look into getting a replacement prop from GBS or the possibility of machining up a spacer to include in the assembly that would increase the length of the prop. I dont know if anyone has any thoughts on including a spacer between the diff flange and the prop-shaft? I am assuming that so long as it is secureley bolted with high-tensile bolts, there should not be an issue. Thanks again Andy
  2. Hi All, I am hoping that someone out there can give me a little help please. I am building a GBS Zero with a 2.0L Pinto engine, 5 Speed Type 9 box and standard Sierra diff. I have just got to the point in the build where i have dropped then engine and box in for the first time. The box located on the gearbox mount which is located centrally in the housing apperture. I have removed a portion of the bell-housing to allow the box to sit centrally. My question is that when the engine and box sit in position, there appears to be what i consider to be "a large ammount" of the plain diamter of the Prop shaft protruding from the end of the box. I have measured it as aproximatly 50mm from the extreme end of the gearbox to the start of the universal joint. As such, i do not believe that there is a great deal of spline and bearing engagement. I have spoken to GBS about this and it sounds like there should be an ammount of plain diameter exposed, which allows for movement during driving. I am keen to know if anyone can confirm to me what length their prop is (From the flange face that meets the diff to the extreme opposite end) Also, with everything in position, the crank pulley on the front of the engine sits over the front transverse chassis rail. Can anyone confirm if this is correct position for this combination of components. One final question - The rubber engine mounting bushes, which i beleive are standard Ford - can anyone confirm their width please? I am after a measurement from flat mounting face to mounting face. (I am concerned that the ones i have may be incorrect) Thanks in advance for any advice that anyone can offer.
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