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  1. So after a few days and endless nights I've had a neighbor round that restores cars and luckily used to own a auto electrical business and the bad news was to start again with the whole front end wrong cables in places cbs mod in a bad location and he can't figure out the extra fuse box and relay box so there out and I've started all over again with the front end but I no now I'm on the right track. Only 2 issues the VW polo heater as no cables so need to figure out the right connections on them to go to the right connections on the switch and the wiper motor which as 5 cables and I've to figu
  2. Not too con-fusing lol. But makes more sense term 6 to starter battery link and keep the alternator at term 5 in to starter and onwards to alternator. I think its the last link in my wiring now before I do anymore work I'm going to check all the cables to make sure there the right strand/ampage although I'm yet to learn how to do that but a bit more reading and ill pick it up hopefully. Ill look in to a Fussible Link and a battery isolator for when its parked up for a few days. After I've done this its on to wiring up all the gauges which i thought had been done until i took the dash panel of
  3. That's the diagram it did confuse me a bit . i can see now it really should show a connection between 5 and 6 on the diagram then. I did forgot to mention the cables to alternator and ignition are larger cables the rest are all small. Everything else seems to be ok in accordance to the diagram and what's wired already and labeled up. Other than the fact the cable doesn't go from alternator to module if this as been done and the alternator goes from module to starter thus linking with the 12 volt feed is there a need for the starter to still be wired to terminal 6 as now terminal 5 would be th
  4. So had a really good go yesterday for a few hours and I've decided I definitely just going with the cbs mod wiring diagram as most is already done and decide upon the extras' later o will be keeping the extra fuse box and relay box. One thing I've come across most of the wiring is done really ie starter coil alternator etc. But I've got the diagram that i assume came with the cbs 12 as I've found the same diagram in the catalogue under the module. The location for the alternator to go in to the box as a alternator wire in its labeled up but doesn't go straight to the alternator it goes in to t
  5. I didn't think about that an you may be right I'm finding cables for day time running lights and fog lights so that could explain the extra box. I think ill give it a try wiring everything to the cbs module first and see what happens as tbh i don't need or want daytime running lights and fogs. But I'm starting to think it may be a custom loom now as I've read everyone's posts and the loom sounds totally different all cables seem to be the same and totally different colours. The dash is all custom with separate indication lights and a warning lights display system of some sort so I'm starting
  6. Luckily that's what my uncle as done here everything is all labeled up making my life easier although nothing as been tested so that's something ill have to start i guess before i go any further didn't think about it tbh but the last thing I want is a broken cable somewhere once I've wired it all in. Do you reckon this extra fuse box and relay box could be a change of mind i cant see it been an old one they look brand new and wired to the module. If there seems to be no purpose for it to be in the engine bay when the cbs module should i just take it out or is there a purpose for one cant imag
  7. hi Bob its a 2.0 pinto on webber 45s. Electric fuel pump is fitted under tank No inline filter between the tank and pump though there's a swirl pot unsure why due to carbs which goes it to a filter then a pressure regulator and straight in to the carbs. I no some prefer mechanical pumps with carbs im rather partial to electric pump ive run one before on a 2.o pinto with delortos in a capri and found it more responsive so id like to stick with it tbh. Id just like an inertia fitted for peace of mind just incase its fitting the dam thing though
  8. Also I've found paperwork for what i believe to be the original loom a vikki green wiring loom. So far ive found all the front of the car to be new wiring the only original wiring seems to be cables to starter and alternator all cut and reconnected to new wiring and the back of the car lights etc. Are old and again reconnected to new cables via a junction box under the tanks.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm getting there with the basics luckily I've found he started to fit a cbs 12 circuit wiring module from car builder solutions. And most of the main wiring as been done just lights indicators fan etc. My main question the space for the fuel pump to go as a different wire in it on the fuse box but I've found one in the engine bay along with a relay box as well as the main module i don't understand why they are fitted with a wiring connecting them to the module when its a plug and play module that already as all relays and fuses fitted unless he was planning on us
  10. Firstly hi my name is Kyle and I'm from north yorkshire. I helped my uncle with his kit car when i was young and got my love of cars. It is a robin hood 2b and was on the road in 2005 he as since passed and I have had the chance to buy it even though it was supposed to be mine family issues. Re build was started before he passed and i now have lots of work ahead of me i am currently struggling with electrics as it is being re wired if anyone could offer some help that would be great. Many thanks Kyle
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