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  1. Hoping to get over this week to get the pics and specs on the sierra, ill post back when I find out. while its not great on the RH model front it does seem like most will shift if I cant find one person to grab the lot at a cut down price. other than that fingers crossed for aging sierra guy!
  2. The more I've been reading up on these the more I'm seeing the exmo not being the one to go for. I'll try listing the whole lot and see how interest goes 'buy it now' if I fail to get a buyer ill start listing items separate. Thanks again, good to get opinions on this stuff.
  3. That makes sense, I didnt realise the cost of the IVA was so high. The family would rather it got built and was used as it had been intended that would be the best outcome. Sadly it has sat in her garage/driveway for too long now and is now just a sad reminder and she wants it moved on. I'll try selling as a full kit with donor car / full kit on its own otherwise I will have to sell it in parts then. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hello, A relative has asked that I arrange the sale of her late husbands kit car, however it is more advice that I am looking for at this stage. kit is a RH EXMO kit purchased in 1996 and stored in a garage since then, she also has a sierra he purchased 10 years ago covered on the driveway. kit is in good condition and all accounted for from what I can see, sierra hasn't ran for a few years but did run fine I'm told. what should I do with it? is there any value in this model? should I become a rh member and list it all here? or should I sell it in parts on autotrader/gumtree/ebay? sell seirra as is or strip and scrap? no idea what route would be best here. I am an engineer so stripping the sierra isn't an issue. Building the RH would be fantastic but I barely have time for my own projects as it is. I'm going over next week to check sierra spec/condition/milage and get pics of everything to facilitate selling. Any advice/opinions would be much appreciated. thanks.
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