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  1. Tried posting a few photos but files too big.
  2. Your right Richie. If I can't find someone Dave and lads at Kingfisher Im sure will be able to handle any structural issues plus weld in any seat belt anchors etc. She will have seven seats . I am in contact with a company called Rescroft near Brommy who will supply three M2 rated rear facing flip up seats with integrated seat belts. We will do what we know must be done first then send it for a test and see how we go. Unfortunately because it will be a voluntary IVA test the initial cost will come to almost £600 including Tax and that will be the cheapest part of getting her past the test. But bloody hell nobody's making me do this . I must be a masochist.
  3. Hi Bob Somebody managed to import this vehicle about twelve years ago into the UK and registered her as a standard four seater two door beetle. We spent the last fifteen months corresponding with the DVLA and their final decision was to give us a new V5 but the changed it to a Q plate with new VIN. If I was operating in the UK I wouldn't need an IVA but because I'm importing her to Ireland an IVA will be required to get her registered here. How much this will cost me, is like asking how long is a piece of string, so that's why I am looking for someone 100% up to speed with IVA requirements to get an idea of what exactly is involved before I start pouring money into her. Regards Kieran
  4. She already has a Q plate Richie but to get her registered in Ireland I will need an IVA certificate
  5. Hi Richie. That's good to hear as Kingfisher is the company who will be doing the necessary work to needed to pass my IVA test . Still would love to find "The man" who is totally familiar with all IVA requirements and give Dave a list of work to be done. Thanks for your reply.Regards Kieran
  6. Kieran Murphy

    Pre IVA test

    Hi Lads I have a 1963 stretched beetle which I need to have IVA tested before I bring it to Ireland. The car will be located in the West Midlands whilst I'm trying to get it through the test. I have a company near Birmingham who will assist with the work needed to be done to pass the IVA test. I would like to know if anyone knows of person who either works doing IVA tests or is an engineer who offers pre IVA check list for individual vehicles in the west midland area on a private basis. Would like to give myself the best chance of passing first time so willing to spend a few bob to help the process along if possible. Regards Kieran
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