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  1. That’s perfect! Screen shots will definitely be good enough. Thanks
  2. Ian I just saw you message. Unfortunately no, it hasn’t got a V5. I’ve got a copy of all 319 pages of the manual and I’m mentally prepared for the challenges this build will bring. I suppose starting from a chassis and being able to use the manual as a guide will be a good thing. I just need to get my head around applying for a VIN number. You need it for the IVA but I got confused when applying for a VIN number I was asked to provide proof of an IVA. I probably have my wires crossed.
  3. I have a box of stainless parts and those cones are in it with the film on… result! Thanks for that. And I suppose that the orange wings supplied with the kit may cover any unsightly rear shocks. Is it just a case of cutting the wings to fit? There is that large step between the cockpit and the rear. Thanks again for both your help.
  4. Here are the two choices…
  5. Nice one Ian. I do prefer the smaller wings. I think I’ll relocate a smaller shock in a more upright position. Coming from the VW scene which appears to be full of purists these days it’s so nice to be part of a scene where individuality is at the forefront.
  6. Thanks for the reply Sparepart. Yes, I’m there tonight so I’ll post some pictures. I’m sure it’s a Sierra based Monocoque with the inboard front suspension but the rear quarter is all stainless so there is nothing to hide. Therefore I think it will take either wing? Ps I meant cycle wing not bicycle wing
  7. I’ve had a look through the posts but I’m still baffled. I’ve just got a rolling S7 chassis (Mk2 Sierra I think) and acquired 2 sets of rear arches for it. One set is almost like bicycle wings with the rear lights on and stainless stone guard and the other covers the whole rear quarter of the car, leaving only the very rear panel in stainless. It it just personal choice what ones to put on or was one style in particular included with the kit? Thanks!
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