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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Reflecting on a late night conversation whilst camping last weekend. I think my acceleration compared to some of the other cars was very slow. I have a MT 75 gearbox with the following ratio's; 1st 3.61 2nd 2.08 3rd 1.36 4th 1.00 5th 0.83 My diff I believe it's a 3.62 (although not checked yet) but purchased from ex-club member..First job on the weekend after sorting the miss-fire. So not fussed about top end speed, but I recall someone saying they do about 2700 @ 70mph. Mines is a lot higher. Could I fit a 3.92 diff to improve acceleration?
  2. Guest

    Re: Rear Differential Ratios

    Hi, Just a quick check that I'm not barking up the wrong tree with rear diff ratios... I'm currently running a 7" 3.62 ratio rear diff from a Sierra. I would like to improve the acceleration of the car (not worried about top speed) so am considering buying and reconditioning a 3.92 ratio rear diff. I have an ST170 zetec engine. I'm just checking that I am going in the right direction (ratio speaking) - higher ratio, better acceleration (lower ratio, higher top speed). Is this correct thinking ? Any thigh else to be considered when changing diff ratios? Any downsides to doing this ?
  3. Guest

    Sierra Lsd Fix

    The recent addition of extra power caused my Sierra RS cosworth LSD to slip as the power was applied i could feel it lock but then gave out at 200BHP mark around 5000rpm and would not hold for the rest of the revs, so the remainder of the track day i had to feed the power on steady until 5th and 6th gear. I did some research heard lots of bad press about quaife lsd witch is £1000 and lots of machine work to the diff casing to get it to fit. I then found a company called bara motorsport who can pump up your standard LSD they use thicker silicone grease and 44 new friction plates, they did the work wile i waited and dynoed it to check the friction, it cost me £260 witch was well worth it, once locked it can hold up to 600nm of torque. i cant believe the grip that the car now has i can stamp on the pedal out of the corners and use all of the power it has transformed the car ! http://www.baramotorsports.com/
  4. Another simple question from someone without an automotive entering background.... Having installed both rear drive shafts, I can understand why they can (almost) independently rotate. This is the main purpose of the differential and allows one wheel to move at a different speed to the other so you can go around corners. What I didn't expect was that turning the prop shaft did not turn the drive shafts. It rotated freely and seemingly had no effect on the drive shafts. I was expecting some sort of direct linkage. Is this normal, or do I have a problem with the diff? Paul94
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