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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a steering shaft to fit a RH Superspec? Or maybe one from a 2B would also fit. I’ve had to replace the lower universal joint on the Escort steering rack, but the new forged UJ won’t clamp tight enough on the original splined steering shaft. Looks like the splines are too worn (or not cut well in the first place). The shaft and UJ are both supposed to be 9/16” but it’s a very loose fit and rotates easily. I’ve tried to close the pinch gap on the new UJ in a vise, but the forged steel is just too hard, and I’ve stripped one high tensile bolt trying to get it clamped tightly. The shaft is 880 or maybe 900 mm long (can’t measure it accurately in the car), 5/8” diameter, with 9/16” x 36 splines and bolt groove machined on one end, and cut to a V shape on the other end. Top end fits into a V-clamp on the steering column UJ above the pedals. Alternatively is there any engineering method of “packing out” splines to fill the gap and enabling the UJ to clamp tightly? Any other ideas? I don’t have any welding options. Cheers Andy
  2. Hi, I bought an old 2b with sliding pillar partially built - 2 years ago. Lots and lots done, basically rebuilding the entire car, bit of an engineering project!! and we have just completed a GBS wishbone suspension rebuild on the front and replaced the damn awful pillar suspension! The car currently has a mg metro steering rack on that we have removed. I want to go to a ford rack to match the sierra track rod ends and extenders we now have. Would a mk2 escort match or what have other members fitted? Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi, Pretty new to the forum and I am sure I will have lots of questions. But rebuilding an 80% complete 2b, just changed the pinto manifold and 2 tube standard exhaust for a stainless 4-1. Yes it was a pig to fit and with the engine in place! But its in and looking shiny. I know i need to move the steering shaft and have researched a little on here. But does anyone have pics where they can show their solution?
  4. Guest

    Play In Uj In Steering Column

    Hi, Just a quick one (I hope). Today I noticed some play in the steering column UJ. This play results in around 8-10mm of play at the steering wheel... not great ! Having taken a look, the lower half of the UJ is rotating slightly on the shaft leading to the steering rack. See picture for explanation I intend to weld this part of the UJ to stop this play - is there are reason this would be a bad idea ??? Thanks for any advice...
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