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Membership Cards Etc

steve in stockport

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your membership is ok, everything has been done and your membership pack was in the first huge batch of 250+ to be dispatched.

Have just rechecked your address from the paypal payment against the database and both match, so I can only assume its gone astray in the post.

I'll send out another letter with sticker and new membership card with a new number as we only have one of each and as I said yours has gone.



yes paypal is good for receiving payments, we seem to have ironed out nearly all the problems- some people have been paying but not getting auto updated on the forum, or their details were not coming through to me.

Paypal themselves are a nuisance, they take nearly a pound off us for every transaction and then put as many resrictions as possible on the account to stop us getting at the money - I've lost count of the number of times I've had to ring them.

Turn round on the cards depends on whether I'm working or not, if I'm off I try and do them as they are received, but if I'm on shift then they might lay around for 3 days or so before I get round to them.


Uptake is very good at the moment and only yesterday we had a member join from Greece!






Shortly after your post I received my new card and number as referenced above and was quite happy, this Saturday Postman Pat has turned up with my original membership? so I am now a 2 card member, if it helps you can PM me the detials of the next new member and I will happily forward the card and sticker or I can return one set to yourself. What would you like me to do?



Tom Hayden

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