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Hello !


Im a newbie,

Im looking into buying a robin hood,

Ive owned a number of cars over the last few years, Bmw M3, lotus elise, Toyota Mr2 turbo etc etc,


I would like to buy a robin hood already built,

The idea is to have this for a bit, then purchase a kit and build one up to my spec.

I also cant afford to do a full on build at the moment.

I went to the Newark kit car show and i plan to go to Stafford on Sat.


I dont need a car for work anymore, but will need to use it a couple of times a week to go to the girlfriends house, about 10 miles round trip.


Are these cars ok in the wet ? my lotus was rubbish, but great !

So im thinking the 'hood' will be similar;


Get a little wet but not too wet (weather gear)

Get a little cold but not too cold (heater !)

Screen mists up but can just about see where your going !


I have seen a 2004 Robin Hood for sale, needs some tidying up, im handy with the spanners being a mechanic, so should be able to do most things on it.

Its been Sva'd and registered on an 'F' plate

Would it be a 2b kit ?

How can i tell what kit it is ?

Things to check for, (other than usual things) ?

Rough guide on Insurance costs (25yrs, 8 yrs Ncb) ?

Tax costs (2.0 pinto) ?


It hasnt got any weather gear, i see they cost around £400, are they easy to fit ? and do they keep me dry (totally) ?


Hope i can get some feedback and tips, from what sounds like a lovely helpful bunch (from reading various posts)


Thanks for any help or comments, :D



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As with any lightish rear wheel driver car driving on wet roads can be fun :-)


I've not got a windscreen on mine and hence no wet weather gear, But I belive they need a fair bit of work to get them water tight to a resonable level and are a bit of a swine to fit.


Look here for help on which model http://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm


Most issues with the various model are very well covered on here along with the solutions,


It mainly depends on the quailty of the build even the best of kit can turn bad if bulit badly.


But it's correctly registered and passed a SVA test it should'nt far from the mark.


With being base on a seirra most things are fairly simple and cheap to fix.


Insurance depends on a lot of varibles, have quick search on here for some ball park figures.


Tax is the same as a seirra £190 at the moment.



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I have a surrey top + home made side screens keeps most wet weather out (you only get wet when getting in and out), nice and warm all year due to hot air coming through the fire wall + heater, great fun in the wet if you're silly, Frank Pickles for insurance seems to be quite cheep road tax same as tin top + long arms to clear misty screen if the demister don't work, great fun :D :D


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lol !


Thanks for all the replies !


And links to the for sale cars,


Only problem being as my current budget doesnt stretch to the 5k figure,

If it did then i would prob look to spend 7/8k and build one myself.

I also think they look too good to be driving in the rain and english winter !


Im looking around 2/3 k, with the view to tidy it up and run it for a while to get me hooked and get the kit bug !

I dont mind doing a few bits, how hard are the roofs to fit ?


Thanks again



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