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New Dash Complete

Guest Ian Maycock

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Guest Ian Maycock

Its finished! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


The new dash arrangement is complete and if i say so myself it looks the Dogs.


Carbon fibre sheet from Carbon Mods, Gauges from ETB.


The most difficult thing was the wiring. the original instrument cluster was from an Escort and therefore used an Escort loom. That took me some time time to figure out. After that it was plain sailing really. just may nights in the cold garage but it was worth it.


see the before and after pics below.


Iggy :drinks:




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Guest Ian Maycock
Looking good, Vast improvement and excellent finish, ow much was the Carbon???






Hi John


The Crabon was £80.00 for a 350mm X 1200mm



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Guest Ian Maycock



it was very easy really. Used a fine toothed hacksaw blade to within 1-2mm then finished it off with a abrasive flap wheel. the tighter radius' were chained drilled and finished the same way. as were the holes for the gauges. A little advise, use lots of masking tape the prevent chipping around the edges. It also pretects against any slips.


the carbon fibre i bought was 1mm thick however, i bonded it to the original piece that i had which was 3mm thick. Even at 4mm it was still easy to work.


Do it you will not regret it.



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Nice dash I am thinking of using carbon how easy was it to cut accurately?





Hi Mark,


Carbon will destroy normal saw blades and HSS drill bits almost immediately, but a grinder (1mm disc) will slice through it with ease.

It also sands incredibly easy, even by hand. You'll soon tidy up an edge with a bit of 120 grit paper.


For drilling use carbide tipped drills.





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