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  1. Blocked tank vent? Could be causing a vacuum in the tank and then it 'sucks back' once the pump is off?
  2. Shaft

    New Member

    Femi my friend! Massive congratulations. So pleased for you mate.
  3. You could really do with a support there Chris. I know a chap who makes bespoke brackets if need be. Really cheap also....
  4. I'll help him Femi, easy with 2 of us on it.
  5. Stick a boxster engine in it??
  6. Shaft

    Sizes Verification

    To calculate volume you use radius. V=pi r2 H
  7. Hope you have a great time Phil. Wait..... I'll be there with you! 🌨⛷
  8. With that rear wing and long diffuser fitted its built for time attack.
  9. found this whilst browsing the Bay of E... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152631414844
  10. The only way to fix that is to Jack up the radiator cap and roll a new car under it!
  11. Won't make tomorrow as I'll be driving back from Woking.
  12. 100% a Zero. Mine was registered as GBS Zero in 2009
  13. Shaft

    Silverstone F1

    Trade stands are open. Grab some breakfast. (If you don't mind £8 for a bacon cob) static displays etc
  14. Shaft

    Silverstone F1

    Top Tip Craig..... get there before 6. 6 is NOT early for the F1 mate. And don't think of leaving until late either unless you like queuing. The traffic gets that busy they make the dual carriageway a one way system using both sides!
  15. How're the numbers looking Keith?
  16. Rich, if you want to go to a 2 man operation just ask mate.
  17. Is there export duty to pay on this one?
  18. She's one in a million Phil. Proud and honoured to have you all as friends. (Except Dean, Deans a Dick)
  19. Shaft

    Thank You

    You did good.... xx
  20. Take it to Stoneleigh, it'll sell there.
  21. The caravan brigade are meeting at trowel services at 10 ish for 10.30 departure off you fancy a dawdle.
  22. Shaft

    Noisy Tappet

    They're aluminium heads. Bloody expensive those Aluminium magnets and special order only.
  23. Shaft

    Noisy Tappet

    Do it with the heads fitted Tim, just masking tape up everywhere, every hole & every orifice.
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