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*****ing Nose Cone And Bonnet!

Guest Sharky

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Guest Sharky

Hi all


Not had a good day today! :(


After much messing about, I think I finally have my radiator in the right position and then started to fettle the nose cone and bonnet positions.


Trouble is, my nose cone and bonnet alignment are quite frankly rubbish (I have used the PG version of English vernacular to prevent mods from censuring me for MASSIVE profanity!!!) :spiteful:


Anyway, first off - my bonnet touches the engine on the cam belt cover and this will be a problem once the engine is running and I think I might have to cut a slot in the bonnet - Anyone else found this on a Zero/Zetec Black top kit? I also suspect that the bonnet may also be too short!! Anyone able to measure theirs and set my mind straight?


Secondly, the nosecone ...... well where do I start? I think its off-square and twisted, if I get it to sit right at the top it's skewed on the wazz on the lower edge and if I align it square on the bottom chassis frame it sits higher on the left upper side than the other!! Plus I can't get the nose cone far enough rearwards to then get a small enough space where the bonnet is supposed to sit on the nose cone - currently the rebatement is over an inch and in my mind this ridge in the nosecone should be completely covered by the bonnet and I am nowhere near (and not likely to ever be) at this stage!! :help:


Tips and photos would be a massive benefit here please! So if anyone can help? ...





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Guest dinger

Hi Sharky,


This area is certainly an area that requires lots of tea and standing back scratching your head but dont dispair.


The best way I found was to balance the bottom of the nose cone on a block of wood and not to worry about the bottom edge as its the top of the cone that you will and others see, Yes the nose cone isnt square but as I said get the top right and worry about the bottom later,


I thought my bonnet was too short aswell but with a little fettling its ok now, You will need to make up some L shaped brackets to hold the top of the nose cone, Once these are on you can swivel the nose cone to get the right hieght at the bottom, Some fibreglass will have to be removed around the top wishbone mount but that all I needed to vut out of mine,

Have a look on shafts photobucket page and that may help,





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