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Whilst having an idle surf, i found a ford parts catalogue for the pinto engine, so i thought it may be of interest to others. It includes exploded diagrams of the whole engine and ancillaries.


Here is the link:





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Guest AdrianH

Interesting if you go back one little bit and enter this




You get the option for:

* Ford Taunus/Cortina (1970-1975)

* Ford Consul/Granada MkI (1972-1975)

* Ford Taunus 17m/20m P5/P7

* Pinto OHC engines

* Koeln V4/V6 engines (1962-1974)

* Koeln V6 engines 2.0/2.3/2.8 (1982-1989)

* Koeln V6 engines 2.4/2.9



Pity I can't find my CVH




p.s. went a bit further back in the link




and gives the options for more.


Bodyplates decoder

o Table version


Parts catalogs

o Ford Taunus/Cortina (1970-1975)

o Ford Consul/Granada MkI (1972-1975)

o Ford Taunus 17m/20m P5/P7

o Pinto OHC engines

o Koeln V4/V6 engines (1962-1974)

o Koeln V6 engines 2.0/2.3/2.8 (1982-1989)

o Koeln V6 engines 2.4/2.9



o Usage tables by types:

+ Motorcraft 1V

+ Weber DGAV

+ Solex EEIT

+ Solex DDIST


Wiring diagrams

o Ford Transit Mk1 (F.O.B.)

+ prior to 09.1968

+ 09.1968 to 09.1970

+ 09.1970 onwards

o Ford Taunus TC1 / Cortina Mk3

+ 08.1973 onwards

# base version, L version

# base version, L version (export options)

# XL version, GXL version

# special options, export options

o Ford Taunus TC2 / Cortina Mk4

+ base version, L version, GL version

# charging, starter and ignition circuits

# exterior lighting

# interior lighting

# horn, direction indicator and hazard warning circuits

# heater, wiper and ancillary circuits

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