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Guest Chutney

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Guest Chutney

I'm a landscaper and as a result I have a large storage unit full of.. Well landscaping gear. There's other stuff there too, like lots of space, a welder and a rh 2b which is in the process of a major face lift.


During the past few months I have gently chortled as I read posts of people not having enough garage time. You see, as a landscaper(self employed), when it rains I tend to stop and play cars. When I load up in the morning I undo a nut here, cut a fuel line there paint a bracket or two.


I was making good progress. In fact, according to her indoors, I've only had one "kit car day" in about 7 months.


Bloody sun comes out and I have to make money.

So whilst you lot had a flipping great day today fitting spigot bearings and turning carb screws, I moved 8 cubic metres of soil conditioner and pointed some paving.


Jokes on me


That is all.






Don't even know what colour my car is anymore.

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Guest Stuartl

I know how you feel. I am self employed and work always gets in the way of fun. I sold my first kit car as money was tight and regretted it ever since. I then bought a RH S7 in bits that had been on the road but had no time or money to do it so that was sold on at a loss. I got my Exmo last year and it needs a bit doing but is roadworthy and I went to Stoneleigh today, the first time the car has moved off the drive since last October.


Stick with it mate. The main thing is keep plodding on, even painting a bracket or running a few cables keeps the motivation going and that is what stops your car ending up on ebay with countless other unfinished ones.


Where abouts are you? Maybe a fellow Hoodie can spur you on and/or take you for a spin in his car?


That should keep the enthusiasm going!


Good luck!!!!!

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