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Staffs Meet September 8th Thursday

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HI All


Theres the staffs /south cheshire/whoever wants to come meet! on september 8th thursday at darleston inn in stone on a34 7.30pm.


hopefully the weather will be ok, this will be the last meet for me in kcar(sorn end september) so i was wondering if you wanted to go for a run instead of supper??????


Meet as usual, (eat at home) then go for a run to another pub, shandy outside then back round to darleston for the farwells??


Just a thought, got plenty of time to throw some ideas around/ if you know of a nice pub to go out to etc??


lets see what happens anyway :friends: :friends: :drinks: :drinks:


jase, jasonpaulhughes@hotmail.com 07836673115.

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Hey up,


If the weather's good i'll be up for that! Could I have the postcode please? I know my hood's gone, been re-built and i did have a S2000 for a few months, but i'm back in the "Seven Chassis" and driving a Westie! It's bright yellow, but still i had someone drive into me and claim they didn't see me!

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Hi Jase,

Should be off work for a few days that week, so I'm definitely interested in an evening out. I don't have any suggestions of pubs or places to go but I'll keep thinking.


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