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Nyloc Nuts For Seatbelt Bolts

Guest kevin

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Guest kevin

Im after nyloc nuts for the seatbelt harness bolts.

I think that they are 7/16 unf.

The company I have found, that has them will

only do a minimum order of 200 :(


Kevin Howard

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I do'nt think you can use nyloc's for seat belt bolts,the nut has to be welded

to the bracket/plate,ie the nut itself has to be "captivated".

I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.



Cheers Ian

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Guest David Cairncross

We used nylocks and they were OK. I understand they only have to be captive if they are in a box section. Where there is access to the back of the anchorage lock nuts can be used.

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Guest TerryBarry

Looking at the SVA manual it appears (as others have stated) that nylocks can be used under certain conditions.

The manual says :

NOTE 2: In order that a seat belt can be

separated from the anchorage without causing

damage to the anchorage, for example a

mounting in the side of a tube or box section, it is

a requirement that the bolt is secured into a

“fixed” threaded hole or captive nut. (The

presenter may be required to demonstrate this

condition is met). The bolt may be secured into an

alternative fixing, e.g. a lock nut of suitable

strength, where access is provided to the “rear” of

the mounting to enable separation/ reattachment of the belt.


This note appears to be unchanged in the Draft copy of the Manual section dated Mar 2004



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I must admit I pondered on this one for a while. I have welded 7/16 UNF nuts to the chassis plates for the outside mountings, although I drilled another hole further back which gives a more acceptable final position for the sabelt harness.


I presumed that for the rear mountings under the roll bar that a nyloc nut would be acceptable - there isn't much to weld onto! I have a really good shop next to where I work that were happy to sell UNF fittings on an individual basis, including 4" high tensile bolts for the upper mountings


The inside mounts are the usual 2" angle brackets welded into a 'U' shape with captive nuts welded. This sits inside the tunnel and is bolted to the 2" floor strengthener angle with M10 bolts.


If anyone is struggling to get hold of these fittings drop me an email and I'll pop next door and send them on - four 4" bolts and nylocs for less than 2 quid! :rolleyes:

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