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Selling Off

The Modfather

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Due to an ongoing back injury, I can no longer sit for more than ten mins in the kit car, so I'm afraid I will be selling her. I will be advertising it on here and flea bay over the next few nights, but if you know anyone who wants it, drop me a PM or contact me thru my profile page.

Sorry to see it go, but its wasting away, like me, lol




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Sorry to hear that mate . Quite literally a pain in the backside. I've suffered for years with mine after a fall from height at an incident. Tried all the regular & alternative treatments they help to some degree. but I have to say for the amount of times that I use the kit car i can suffer the discomfort ( not always ), because of the big smile it puts on my face when driving it, physiologically it gives me more than any other therapy can.


Best of luck Daz with everything.


Kind regards


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What a blow Darren, after all the months of work getting your car how you wanted not to be able to drive; does this also finish your dream of rebuilding the family motorbike? A great shame, not being able to enjoy the thing you built.

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Hi Bob.

The bike is staying, but that is a long term thing anyway due to some of the bits missing, and its not costing anything sat there. I don't want to get rid of the car, but you have to be realistic, I'm never gonna do any long journeys for a long while, and it is depreciating. If my back is operated on and all is well again, then perhaps in a few years I'll build one. Even driving the Jag any distance hurts. But I'm not selling that, LOL.

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