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Fuel Sender


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Guest Ianz

The cheap ones from Robin Hood do'nt work with

Capri clocks though!!!!!!


I bought one from RHE at Detling,I chucked it in the bin

last week

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Guest areasec2000

If you mean the thing what goes in the tank with the float thing on the end I have a spare one in the garage which you are quite welcome to. Ring me on 0208-398-5628.

Alan Darby.

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Guest Ianz



You want the sender from a MkII Escort estate,works a treat,

I believe I posted the part number on here a few weeks ago,

it was a Moprod part, about 20 quid from my local auto factors

The capri senders no good ,as its designed to fit in side of tank

consequently its very long with the sender itself ,in the middle

of the tube,would take a lot of modding to make it work,whereas

the Escort one is straight swap


Hope this is of use !!!


Cheers Ian

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Guest rizla

if anyone neads the seal for the senders i have 20 of them(new)in my shed i asked ford for one seal so they sent me one box(no prob as it was on the company account

will post to anyone free of charge if you requier one


ps my ford dealer now has no stock of these and tell me that it is now a discontinued part and that they can get no more :(

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Guest rizla

:o wow that was quick,now only 15 left,of to the post office now :rolleyes:


14 left now,must admit i didnt quite expect them to go this quick

pm me anyone else and il post asap :)

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