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Test For Simon.


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Guest QuadraDave

diagram showing horn wiring would give you a horn that would work all the time so long as battery is connected. The diagram of the alt warning light will work as the wire to L 61 acts as an earth. Wire from 87 is 12v while the ignition is on the bulb will light. When engine is running the alt is excited/charging then the wire from L61 becomes 12v as you then have two 12v feeds across bulb current can not flow and the warning light will go off

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It was posted here in answer to a pm from simon and I could not get the diagrams to attach to my reply to him. Of course you are free to comment. You have not seen the message I sent Simon so are missing a goodly chunk of information.

The first picture is the basics of how I go about starting a loom, to produce the "first fit electrics" comprising the ignition switch and a fuse box with ignition live, constant live and uncommitted fuses. Numbers of each are up to you. Add in the funny circuits of starter and alternator. Then you are pretty much down to simple fused supply to switch, to item, to earth, for the rest of the electrical items on the car.

Illustrates what I believe to be good practice by using relays to spare the ignition switch too much load. Jesus fuses or trips prior to the ignition switch and fuses box are just me being a bit obsessive.

The horn circuit was to illustrate a typical heavy load item that needs a relay and the choice to have it ignition live or constant live. Review the pic and text to see that both those options are as drawn.

Your comments for the alternator are correct. No earthing shown for alternator or starter to avoid confusion and alternators other than lucas may have an additional ignition live wire as well as the ignition lamp wire.



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Guest shaggy



very nice diagram, but not sure I asked the question.


You have always been a good source of information in the past - and always much appreciated, but this time you have gone over the top :acute:

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