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Lights, Wipers,washer Wireing, Sierra May 88

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I have a problem with my zero kit car wiring, I have everything working flash main beam, Dim Hazards, Wipers, ect but when I connect the washer (as the attached drawing) it will not switch off.


If I remove wire 53a from the RH column switch and connect the washer it works fine from the push button but then the dip and main beam will not work.


I have tried to understand the switch even got a second one thinking that was the problem and have checked the circuit a number of times but cannot find the solution.


Something is obviouly incorrect. I have attached a couple of drawings to indicate what I have done can someone please look and give me some advise so I can loom up do the ignition and add the dash


Electrical drawings-wipers Model (1).pdf

.Electrical drawings Model (1).pdf

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from a VERY brief look at your diagrams I think you have a mismatch of model information.


I note you have a feed to 53a, which on a switch with rear wash wipe, is internaly connected to 53c with the lights off so your washer pump will run.


you need to rewire the switch differently.


PM if you have any question

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Thanks for your comment I have tried most combinations without success can you tell me when pin "W" on the RH column switch comes into action as I cannot find when it is used. The problem is as I see it is that I need to feed the LH switch 56 when the light switch is at the Top and not when in the middle or at the bottom.

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