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to add to the pm earlier

i did scrap another lightweight

it was the one that failed so sceptically that created the -problem in the first place.i bought it from rhsc so as to get it out of view .


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the post was removed for one reason and one reason only , rob knows the reason.

whilst at donnington


this post is for all zero owners ,

i noticed a few real wheels on the passenger side that were out of line with the front the rear wheel, on the passenger side is the problem.

gbs had an issue with the jig in earlier production .

so issue is rear passenger side out of line

cure is easy ,

piece if string from rear wheel strung across rear wheel to front distance equals toe in or out .

my first zero was out by front to rear about a foot

to sort it put in 2 shims of about 2mm to the rear of the mounting point of the back plate. for the brake mounting plate



rob if you have an issue with me please contact me on 01480215821

i am posting for the good of the club

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rob you also took out the reply that suported me . sorry but i think you wrong to take this out.



this is not moderating

this is stifling free speech

you are wrong



i will enclose my phone no again 01480215821`

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the zero does have a problem with the rear near side rear wheel

the jig was faulty and creates a rear wheel that turns out .

a couple of 2mm spacers will fix it but if you are unaware then it is potentially not nice to drive .


regareds graham

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