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Forum Posting Rules And Guidelines

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In an effort to improve the RHOCaR website and bring it in line with other forum-based websites, a set of rules have been produced for members to adhere to when posting.


Please take the time to read these and we thank you for your cooperation.



Forum Posting Rules for all members


1. The RHOCaR Committee reserves the right to modify these rules as needed without prior notification and your use of the forum is agreement to abide by these rules.


2. Posting the same message, or an unsolicited commercial message, to one or many topics areas is considered spam, and not permitted. Duplicate messages may be deleted or consolidated by our Moderators.


3. Healthy discussion is promoted. Dissent, rudeness and deliberate confrontation are not. The Moderators and Administrators of this forum reserve the right to relocate, remove or edit any post or thread, for whatever reason they deem necessary. The Members concerned may be contacted and informed of these actions. DISCRIMINATION OR ABUSE IN ANY FORM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


4. Please ensure you post your new topic in the most relevant forum section. Occasionally a Moderator may move a thread to be in a more appropriate location, so if its not where you expect, please use the forum tools to try and locate it or alternatively send a PM to a Moderator to ask them. Do not start a new topic asking where it has gone.


5. Moderators will lock and/or hide any topic that becomes a flaming war, degrades into personal attacks, and becomes offensive or anything they deem to not be in the best interests of the club.


6. New topics or posts questioning Moderator decisions will be removed, they serve no purpose. If you wish to discuss a moderating decision please contact a Moderator directly via PM


7. This is a family site, swearing and foul language are not acceptable in any form, and where seen will be removed. Swearing includes direct swear words, abbreviated swear words, net-speak swearing, and disguised words where symbols or other characters are used to circumvent our automatic word filters


8. Multiple Personalities are not allowed. When identified they will be deleted/banned without warning.


9. Please avoid posting overly negative, aggressive or abusive comments about companies, organizations or individuals. Such posts will be removed, but ones taking a more subtle approach will probably remain. Please remember both slander and libel are offences, and if you have a legitimate complaint, there are accepted routes through which these can be made. This forum is not one of them.


10. If any individual or company believes that a thread or individual post is objectionable, there is a report button at the bottom of every posting and personal message. Please use this to alert the Moderator Team to that post, and add a brief line of text giving your reasons.


11. Do not to publish the content of personal messages (PMs) in any public area without the prior written consent of the sender. We ask that you use PM system for private discussions. Public forum posts should be reserved for matters of interest to the general community.



12. For Sale/Wanted Adverts:

12.1 Only fully paid up RHOCAR members can post For Sale and Wanted adverts. As such non members cannot create a new topic in the For Sale section.


12.2 Make sure you include contact information in the advert; it is also worth making sure your contact details in your "profile" are up to date


12.3 Adverts may be pruned after 3 months.


12.4 You MUST put a price on all items in your adverts, we don't want to start an auction and everyone feels awkward when it says "Make me an offer"! If no price has been put on in 12 hours the advert may be removed with a PM sent explaining why

NOTE: - The only exception to the rule is regarding the sales of RHOCaR club assets which will be sold to club members on an Auction style basis within the For Sale section of the forum…..details of which will be outline within the particular for sale post.


12.5 Keep any replies ON TOPIC or they may be deleted. A 48 hour ban is in effect for anyone spamming a thread with posts that have nothing to do with the actual sale of the item


12.6 Only post adverts for yourself, if you post for a 3rd party you take the responsibility of the sale yourself


12.7 Any non member posting a For Sale or Wanted advert will have the post removed. A PM may be sent explaining why the post was removed. This includes wanted adverts buried in other topics.

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In an effort to improve fairness and consistancy from our Moderators, the following set of Guidelines have been produced;




Moderator Guidelines


1. Moderators are appointed by the Committee and rights can be given/removed from any Moderator at any time, reasons may or may not be given. The Committee’s decision is final.


2. Moderators are expected to conduct themselves on the RHOCaR forum in a way that represents the club - no offensive behavior or arguments. Moderators are the role models for the forum and members will emulate moderator actions.


3. Moderators should make impartial decisions based on the facts in front of them.


4. If any post or topic is in breach of the posting guidelines then a Moderator should hide the offending post.


5. When a post/topic is hidden, edited or moved the Moderator should send a PM/Email to the offending user to explain why such action was taken and which posting rule it was in breach of.


6. Any new topics questioning Moderator actions will be hidden and a PM sent explaining why. Further topics/posts questioning Moderator actions on the same subject should be hidden without warning or explanation.


7. If there is constant flouting of the posting rules then a Moderator can request the committee to authorize a temporary ban for the offending user.


8. If a Moderator is unsure of what to do on a particular subject they should post in the Moderators section for a second opinion from another Moderator, Admin or Committee member. Include a link to the post in question to enable quick location of the matter.


9. If a Moderator is personally involved in a disagreement then they should also refrain from posting and pass the moderating decisions over to the other Moderators via the moderator forum.


10. No posts are to be deleted – only hidden.


11. No Posts should be moved to the junk bin, as this takes the post out of context.


12. Wanted adverts are generally defined as forum user's posting a comment or topic that lets other people know of an item that they would like to privately purchase or loan from users on the forum.


13. Any post made by a Community User deemed to be in the wrong section that should have been posted in a section reserved for full members will be removed.


14. If a Community User states they are a full member but not been upgraded on the forum; A quick check of the membership list posted by the Membership Secretary in the Area Secretary forum may confirm their claim. Failing that, direct the user to contact the Membership Secretary for further discussion and unless instructed by the Membership Secretary treat them as a non member.


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