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Drive A Van? Im After Some Advice


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Cheers guys.. it's gotta be a mwb high roof affair.

Already crossed French off the list. Too many horror stories.


It's gonna be sprinter or tranny I think. Although sprinters are more brass it's for a reason. They do feel better made

Think I'm talking myself into one .

Also I'm the only driver and my one staff looks after it too

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Depending if you'll work on the van yourself or not I'll say vw servicing is superb it's something like £130 interim or £230 full service. They'll bring you a van out to where you work and take your van in. I just had to email a picture of my license to them. For an extra £10 you can also add someone else to be insured on their van. I usually send my converted camper van in when I or someone else needs to move something as they send a brand new ply lined van. Saves you having to take all the tools out ect. Even had a mate pay for my interim service and use their can for two weeks while I was on holiday, which they were fine with so long as they got £10 to cover insurance

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Well cheers for all the help and advice guys


after looking at a dozen sprinters and them all being used as dodgems I decided to try elsewhere


dropped a deposit on a transit van today , an extremely clean and very well maintained transit. for 2k less than a sprinter.


Fingers crossed its gonna be a good en for me

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