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Stalk Indentification

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Hi All

New member having just bought a 2b. Would someone please be able to identify this stalk as I would like to get my wiring sorted. Thanks in advance



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escort i believe, same as mine.

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individual spades, so i haven't really got a clue what goes where. I took a look some time ago and decided to live with my electrical foible (operating rear washer causes front wiper fuse to blow)

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(operating rear washerfuse to blow)

Trace the switched to live wire at the stalk end, cut and insulate. You won't get the same problem again.

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      just found this wont be needing it for mine (got mini/Landrover one

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      Hi floks, I have a problem with my main beam flash function and seek the guidance of the masters of the black art.
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      1 2
      3 4
      5 6
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