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Jay Paul

Making More Room Inside And A Revamp

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Some may have seen the other thread about fitting seats and how limited space there is

so once the daughters wedding was out of way it was time to move on and hit the car so before and after pics to include to where i am right now


cant post pics for some reason sorry


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it's pant's that we can't upload photos directly most other sites you can!!!

although you can if you reduce their size!!

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thank you for your reply

when I have uploaded photos I've simply reduced there size with windows paint (if I can do it anyone can!!)

I do not use photo hosting sites because you may give away your copyright and allow your photos to be used without your knowledge by anyone for anything!

surely though if sites like retro ford/pistonheads (who dont have a membership fee) etc can do it then surely one of the biggest kitcar forums should. maybe it's time to use advertising to cover the cost?, I believe that's how the aforementioned do it and it's not intrusive.

also if you stopped people having gif's etc on their profile or whatever it's called the data they use could be used for photos I know which is more useful!

keep up the good work.

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well i tried many times to up load and failed so i reopened my Pb account



















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Coming along nicely, I would be too worried to lose any strengthening from the original build to tackle this project.

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