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Vibration Through Car At 2500Rpm


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Hi, in the end I took engine, gearbox and then prop out. Took the prop to Morris Bailey who made a updated prop in 24 hours and while I had the engine out i put a Kent cam fast road cam kit, a Kent Vernier pulley and lighten the fly wheel on my pinto. The car has been back on the road for 2 weeks and what a difference the upgrades had made it is almost like a different car the engine sounds different but it also spins up so much quicker and the cam doesn't slow the car down at low revs at all but when i put my foot down the car is so much quicker and more enjoyable. Thanks for all the advice and as always that advise has lead me to look in the right place, i think it is always nice to hear how our topics end. Once again thankyou guys

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