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Evans Halshaw Used Car Extended Warranty

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Interesting post Pete. Car was advertised at £6600 on Saturday when I viewed it. I took a screen shot of the Autotrader advertisement. On Monday the price jumped to £7000 when I went for a second look. I showed the salesman the screenshot and he dropped the price £400 after "talking to the boss". Must be company policy to bump the price when they get a nibble on a car?

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On 11/10/2018 at 4:08 PM, MarkBzero said:

In my experience they will profit from selling you the extended warranty and when you claim there will be something in the small print to prevent them from paying or it will not include fair wear, consumable parts and if you do not keep up with regular servicing (preventative maintenance) everything will be void. Talking from experience!

Hi, you MUST read the small print, get a copy and take it home. Yes I've had the cover on 9 yo s/h bmw and had things repaired, but I had a major problem and the parts were not cover £1500. Some parts are not covered, which cunning devil decides what is & isn't cover can be very costly. Also the car hire is impractical, you have to wait 24hrs to claim,  the repairer has to argue the warrantee co. to get permission, then they insist they use exchange or recondition parts, all this takes time then with no transport, and the hire only comes into force if the repair time is more than 8 HOURS. What a crock of confusion. You get no expences at all. And I'm sure the sale staff get a little earner.



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