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Evans Halshaw Used Car Extended Warranty

Guest red7

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Red or black?


If something goes wrong that costs more than £450 it is, if not then no.


Roulette with car parts.


You will find they dont provide the warrantee but simply pay a third party company who provide warrantees and give you the paperwork. Ask who its with, you may get it cheaper direct if they are profiteering. You may find it costs you more direct because they may get group discount. If it is a genuine ford warantee for that price its very cheap.

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In my experience they will profit from selling you the extended warranty and when you claim there will be something in the small print to prevent them from paying or it will not include fair wear, consumable parts and if you do not keep up with regular servicing (preventative maintenance) everything will be void. Talking from experience!

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Im paying close to a grand for the 3 year extended warranty on my 3yr s-max

Thats from Hartwell Ford in Kidlington.

I agree with Mark that there are small print clauses and a friend of mine got stung on a new engine for his T5 van but Id sooner have it. Or rather the wife would sooner have it

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They put everything down to fair wear and tear and even if they repair/replace they will take off value of use its had and only pay balance

So basically if car is five yr old and something goes they will knock off what ever they value five yrs value which is normaly at least 75% upwards of repair so will have to pay the 75%

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Well if I was you Id read the paperwork. Not all of them are a rip off. Internet opinions (mine included) are not informed, guess work and normally bitter about things like warantees.


I have had my XFR from new and it came with a 3 year warantee, after almost 3 years a headlight steamed up and needed replacing, they did it no questions asked, a new one is £997.51p supply only.


After the three years they offered me an extended main dealer warantee for £1000 a year and I declined, its just over 7 years old now so that would have cost me £4000 had I taken it each year.


In the last 4 years Ive replaced the rear camera loom at £40, the drivers window regulator at £140, and the rear dampers at £450. All would have been covered. But the cost is still far less than the warantee. Granted I fitted them all my self so there would have cost more fitted.


Currently the electronic handbrake is playing up, about once every two or three weeks it comes on and straight off again, a red triangle and warning comes on the dash saying ebrake fault. A restart of the engine fixes it so no drama yet. When it totally fails however I believe its not a cheap fix most times. Hmmmmm.

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Yet I have a 1 yr warranty with my xc90, the Aircon pump failed took it in to a Volvo independent specialist the warranty paid up in so much as the cost of aftermarket part cost, I paid the the difference and had OEM original fitted they also paid for the regas and labour @ £50 an hour. So they are not all bad

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I had some warranty thrown in on a car I bought a number of years ago. Car threw a check engine light on the way home from this garage, unfortunately by the time I could turn round and get back they'd have closed so ended up calling the next day. Surprise surprise the warranty wouldn't cover any investigation (quick google said it would be one of 2 things) and even then, they wouldn't cover one of them. Ended up getting the work paid for by the garage by threatening action under Sales of Good Act (thats how long ago it was). They subsequently covered the work to get it investigated and fixed.
IMO the law is a much better warranty than any warranty. Buying a used car is always a gamble and anything can go wrong - you're just lucky if its covered under the warranty. My Audi had an engine mount snap, that was a rare random failure, warranty wouldn't have covered it but still cost me £900 and a week without a car. Brand new car I'd have argued but at 85k miles it would definitely be "failures happen" parts.

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Manufacturers warranty (extended or otherwise) have always been fine for me (had a fuel pump and brake discs replaced without fuss) but I've always been told to not waste time or money on 3rd party, aftermarket warranties. They will desperately try to wriggle out of anything whereas the manufacturer has more of a reputation to uphold.


Personally, I now avoid all the hassle by buying an old but high-quality car (currently a Lexus) which, like me and dentists, only goes to a professional if there is a problem ^_^ - although I must admit I was lazy with the last oil change 2 years ago and got a garage to do it as part of the MOT. I should probably change that oil now... :crazy:

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I told the salesman that I'd prefer to spend the money on an independent mechanics inspection rather than an extended warranty. He didn't think that was such a good idea. No commission in it for him and the chance of more parts and labour costs to the garage before they sell the car. He probably hopes I'll decide to go elsewhere. He's currently apologising for the second day that the car is not available for inspection. £100 refundable deposit has put the ball in his court.

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The independent mechanic gave the car a thumbs up but flagged up the following from his investigation which I don't understand:-

P2125 Throttle/peddle

'e' circuit P0002-84 fuel volume regulator control circuit range/performance.


Any clues?

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Guest Peter Kelly

Be warned.

1. The admin fee this firm will charge you for is voluntary not compulsory.

2. Personal dealings with this firm tell me that the warranty is not all it appears to be.

3. Additional charges they tried to charge me were 1. £500 warranty

2. £200 Alloy wheel insurance.

3. £ 95 Admin charge.

4. £200 Gap insurance.

5. £700 Price hype

Total cost added to original price of car £1695



Take a photograph of car with price displayed when you make deposit. (their policy is to change prices without notice)


Check car for service history documents. On two occasions I was presented with documents only to find original documents in car


I hope you find this of use.

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