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  1. Weather depending will have a trip over car park meet
  2. Weather depending might come for a quick visit in new toy
  3. Will have to try get to next one and do membership but money tight at minute due to wife having anorther breakdown miss you all guys
  4. I am stripping the cabby for respray Rebuild engine Restore interior Etc so prob be summer project as well
  5. Went last weekend what a time took me back to late teens early 20s Going to book for may or march next year
  6. Top 2 are before bottom one is now Having full restore Feeling 18 again
  7. Been rather busy with life and this
  8. They put everything down to fair wear and tear and even if they repair/replace they will take off value of use its had and only pay balance So basically if car is five yr old and something goes they will knock off what ever they value five yrs value which is normaly at least 75% upwards of repair so will have to pay the 75%
  9. Sorry couldnt make it been a tough time and although kit gone will be staying a member if youll have me and be there nxt year
  10. jaimo


    Just thought i would ask on here Has anyone got any upvc doors, windows conservatory panels will consider wood that they would like to sell not too far away as wanting to put a sort of extension on back of garage for stuff lol
  11. Its xr3i 1.6 cvh efi needs alot of tlc but its never been welded all original panels apart from bonnet which is genuine rs turbo Full restoration as was parked up in barn for 10 years Not sure if 1800 would be a direct replacement time to google
  12. Gone andi going to do this up have abit of family time them prob go to a zero
  13. Yeah but its a pedigree mate
  14. Its not been an easy decision but what with son disability and wife ilness had to make it to be able to all go out as kit not been out since stoneleigh New toy on way
  15. Hopefully be there for final run out in kit new toy coming soon
  16. jaimo


    Yeah in caravan theres 2 habitation relay god knows why 2 and control panel switch just going to have to trace back see where power stops i think
  17. jaimo


    Tested car on anorther caravan all good and anorther car on my van no good Factory fitted and all working Fitted loads of towbars over years and yes know all about telling ecu or by pass Had caravan nearly 10 yr and had this problem on van with last car but only just got round to sorting it Cant get a wiring diagram so just going to have to trace back i think very complcated van for age
  18. jaimo


    Charger working Its 2018 mitsubishi outlander The car electrics are working and getting power into van and to control panel and new switch from there pass
  19. jaimo


    I checked bob mains into charger 12v out so you are correct will have to delph deeper
  20. jaimo


    I know its not a kit but is anyone any good with caravan electrics Basicaly when pluged into mains it charges battery at 13.5v so perfect but doesnt doesnt stop charging and cooks battery and When plugged into car it doesnt charge battery at all yet got power to the 2 relays swopped them for new and no change even bought new switch control panel no change Does the car power go through the charger
  21. jaimo

    Pre Ignition

    I will have a look chris
  22. jaimo

    Pre Ignition

    How do you input the values chris
  23. jaimo

    Bmw Z4

    Kit is running brill now just wants ecu and carbs setting tweaking apart from that its great
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