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Ford efi dohc won’t start


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Just gone to start mine not used for a while ! When it started the engine was running high then cutting down then running high again it sounded like it was trying to suck in more air ! I turned it off checked the air intake hoses they are fine. Tried to start it up again and now it won’t start ? I have fuel and spark on all four spark plugs any ideas peaple 

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Erratic running can sometimes be due to leaks in the vacuum system.

Mine had a couple of small splits in these and was all over the place with tick over and caused the spark plugs to foul up.

I would check these out as they would cause the mixture to be wrong. I found leaks by making a smoke box to blow into system and show up the leaks - saved taking everything to pieces.

Otherwise if you have spark I would concentrate on fuel, maybe blocked or partially blocked injectors among many others.

Best of luck


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When I had this engine in a sierra the idle air control valve was often the culprit.

It is an electrical solonoid valve that bypasses the throttle butterfly to set the tickover speed and would stick either fully closed or fully open.

Held on by 2 screws and one electrical connection if I recall correctly.

A good blast of carb cleaner normally fixed for 6 to 9 months, I was too tight to replace and it only took about 2 mins to clean.

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Sounds like the spark plugs are not giving enough to get engine started, so may be a combination of things.

As Ian stated the idle control valve does affect the tick over and would be a good idea to clean, however the engine should start even with this sticking.

I would now look at the electrics, if you are running a dizzy system this would be a good place to start as old Fords are notorious for weak electrics and as you have had it standing for a while there may be some corrosion on the points etc.. I got fed up with mine and changed to electronic and wasted spark system(at great cost) as I had sparks but too weak to start engine.

Sorry to add yet another check but these things are often hard to trace - hence modern engines having computer diagnostics. 

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