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Breakdown Cover

Paul Langridge

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It's quite confusing - in the policy wording, it says, "if you are more than 25 miles from home, we will take you to a local garage..."

But I've spoken to them and they confirmed they would recover to home no matter where you are.

Having said that, I've booked with Green Flag and I like the fact that for just an extra £30 for the year, they have their own fleet rather than relying on local towing services. I'm sure they would do it OK but my biggest concern is getting my car home and I imagine that will be a smoother process if the recovery company also own the fleet?

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Yesterday we were at Santa Pod drifting, went to KFC at the side of the A45, came out & the LT35 would not start, it turned over fired for a couple of seconds & stopped. We think it might be the immobiliser, filled in the online form, 15 minutes later advised by text that somebody would be with us within the hour, they turned up in about 50 minutes with a recovery flatbed, as we had a diabetic with us we chose to leave at this point & get home in the accompanying car. About two hours after we got home he turned up with the LT35 & the drift car on the back of the flatbed, we live about 110 miles from Santa Pod.

I would highly recommend Autoaid used them 3 times (I think) in the last 10-12 years always been a great service, quite bizarrely 2 of those times have been on a return journey from Santa Pod, maybe I need to stop going there!

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