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1.6 pinto on Webber 45 option?

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Hi has anyone fitted a 1.6 pinto with Webber 45s successfully? 
running standard carb at the moment but have been offered some 45s that were on an RS2000 about 30 years ago but there are in great condition? 

I’ve never worked on a car engines much before. More four and 2 stroke bikes so not that well informed on the subject. 

what sort of power would you expect if 45s were installed?

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I think that 45’s are overkill on a 1.6. A well set up 32/36 or bike carbs would be a better option. 
45’s would normally be used on a well breathed on 2 litre. 
If you’re looking for instant power I’d look at upgrading to a 2.0 pinto first. At least all of the ancillaries will swap right over. 

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