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2b build


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well I purchased my 2b about  2015 or there abouts. But due to various other projects of more concern(well mrs say so), I did not work on it till summer 2016. I brought it as a rolling chassis.
The previous owner just did not have the time to build it, I purchased it as chassis which had all the suspensiom loosely attached so it could be transported. Also had a rebuilt 2.0 pinto, new webber etc .parts were either reconditioned or new so was basically un started other than i did not need to strip a donor car(AWESOME)
I know the bodywork is suppose to be abit of a pain on these so I decided to temp fit all of them before going any further with the rest of the build. The rear/back panel had already been attempting in past by some one and was abit worse for wear so thought it was ideal to practice on.
Must admit that st/st is a pain as it does not like being shaped but managed to fit it and looks ok. Most of the panels have got very minor imperfections? dents already as think they have been kicking around in various sheds/garages since 2001.

then cracked on with the arches/side panels and then the nosecone and bonnet.






Not long after getting this far(still 2016), unfortunately 3 of my lower discs decided to spill there guts which  had rather a negative effect on how long i can spend kneeling down /bending etc. 
probably did not work on it for 2-3 years plus other than the odd few day here and there as it did my head in having to stop when i didn't want to .
Fortunately I eventually realised that some work is better than no work so  plodded on as and when i could.
I started to think about paneling the interior and decided i did not want to squish the rear bulkhead in and put bracket covers on etc,so after some measuring(I am 6'3" decided to put a piece of angle iron to the rear of outer crossmember mounts and panel the mounts in as well to give mount a lot more strength.
before and after.




I left that at that for the moment and started on the pedal arrangement. Used a bearing instead of bush and paneled it .




After this stage I started to worry alot about the iva and seat belts and seat mountings fuel pipes etc. I eventually came up with a plan and did this over a long period of time. This is when i use to get fed up of lack of process due to back,




Anyone who has built a hood will know how many times you have to make templates and fit, remove again and again lol. I recut the rear bulk head so it was a single item .Arch infill panels were made seperately and any holes which went over suspension mounts were able to to blanked off due to the way  I had done my panel. I put a fold near bottom to match the angle and drilled alot of hole for fitment later.

this was also done before all the chassis reinforcements.













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Good to see some one else building a 2B at the moment and good to see your photos. I have restarted mine now i have retired and cleared a pathway to it in my garage. I bought my kit new in 2004 so its been a long time and its just a rolling chassis with a engine in place . Loads of work to do but need to keep at it this time or else i will have to convert to electric, LoL


Steve D

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I know what you mean Steve D, other things just get in the way unfortunately. I rebuilt a normal car then put it in garage, its been trapped in there for the last 5 years due to sorting house/ garden/ drive etc. Right pain in the ass.

LoL at going electric, i would actually love to do a leccy car. But the batteries are just bloody expensive. 

Sorry for late reply. I thought I would get some kind of notification if someone posted, not been on since as been a bit busy.

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Next on the list was the to change the pedal bulkhead panel as i noticed it flexing when i turned the steering wheel. think I used 3mm plate and weld it across the servo support bracket and also welded a side support between the chassis rails to stiffen it all up






Also made a support bracket for the pedal box and  steering column mountings as did not like the st/st   P clip approach.




Thinking of ways do do the fuel line was fozzing me out for ages. decided on welding some tags to the middle rails and a  piece of flat between the middle vertical bars and the front bulkhead beam/rail.





I used ford plastic fuel and brake clips to try and keep it simple.












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I was not really sure were to exactly put the seat belt mounts and after reading others problems with the iva decided to make mounts out of 10mm steel with lots of holes in lol, and also put in a couple of different positions. Just hope they will suffice.20210309_190612a.thumb.jpg.f5f9c52d3a5c34d42e3152c5c1691ae1.jpg











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Posted (edited)

Hi Steve, cheers. The hardline is 8mm od and is good for any fuel according to there add. Here it is


I got it just incase I went fuel injection or turbo but prefer it to rubber hose in that area anyway, hopefully one less thing to worry about perishing  in future.

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Thanks Simon, I agree I  have 8mm copper to fit through the tunnel but concerned by corrosion when using E10 fuel. I will be sticking with my Pinto as it has had a lot of work done on it and is running twin weber 45's so will produce a huge amount of power for the car. So only need to fit one pipe.

Keep updating us on your build, I am along way behind you  but fully intend to get there now I have the time available to me.


Steve D

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