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ECU Programming


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I think this is the most relevant place to post…..

my car was off the road most of the summer due to failing emissions on the MOT, financial constraints of getting it sorted and then having no time. Finally it’s back in the road following a bespoke map being written for it by GBS. When I left, Matt said to add 3 clicks of fuel and then compensate the ignition with 3 clicks of the +/ - at the end of the numbers row, that would make it run better as currently it sounds like it misfiring but is an MOT pass. 

as it’s been a few weeks since I was up there, I’ve forgotten the exact keys for fuelling (2 and 3, or 3 and 4) and I think this is what messed my emissions up so badly in the first place.

my question is, can anyone give me a quick step by step on how to add the 3 clicks, program and save it and then the removal process for next years MOT please? 

thank you so much in advance. 

on the plus side to this new map I get much better mileage. I used to do 117 Miles to work and could hear the fuel pumps struggling. It would take 29-30 litres ish. To the new job today, I Did 110 miles today and filled up to be safe and it only took 18 litres. I think I could have done the whole 167 miles in a tank. 😳


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mitch, if you want to do a remote desktop style thing where we meet on google hangouts/meet I can show you. PM me if you like.

edit: one thing you'll need to know is where you're applying this change. Which load sites. Did he just adjust fuelling at one cell (unlikely), one or a few speed sites (most likely, did he do 2000-3000 rpm maybe), or everything. Upping fuel 3 clicks is no problem but it's where you want to do it. If it's just for emissions at MOT then I have a good idea ;)

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Brumster, that’s amazing, thank you. I’ll drop you a PM shortly. Matt adjusted fuelling at all levels and it definitely runs much better, it’s purely the idle Im trying to change. 

I had a work dinner to attend last night so left my laptop at work as it wouldn’t last long In the boot of the zero. I will have the car and computer together again next Friday and free all weekend (subject to surprise plans from the wife).

decided to range test the car last night and got from work to home on one tank. 167 miles at 70-75mph and it made it. Probably a bit risky at it was late and not done that range before but good to know it’s got it in the tank if it needs it. Still only took 25litres at the pump but the low pressure pump wasn’t happy 😬

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