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 I am in the middle of fitting bike carbs just finishing inlet manifold can anyone tell what throttle cable for sierra pedal box with a nibble on carb end i need 

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I ended up using a push bike brake cable and filing down the barrel end to fit into the bike carb.  Just a bit tedious to do but it works.  Sierra pedal has far too much travel for the bike carb set up so you might need to re-drill the pedal closer to the pivot to reduce the amount of travel.  Find a way of putting stops on the pedal travel too so you don't over stress the carbs when your size 10's are mashing into the carpet.

I also found that the spring return on the bike carbs is not enough to lift the weight of the pedal so put some extra springs on the pedal to return it.

It does take time to set all this up but that's what kit cars are about ... finding solutions to problems and once it's done you'll be chuffed and if it breaks you'll know exactly how to fix it.



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