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  1. How do I take the s/wheel off my mx5 donor car? Battery is out and some of the loom.
  2. Hi guys....apologies for late response. After spending £25 on a fiesta MC/servo I now discover that the MC I had has actually two outlets! one was being used by the pressure switch which fooled me. I can simply put the switch on a tee piece on one of the circuits. you are not allowed to use adjustable pressure valves in line, IVA rules!. There is a trike version but the weight limit is 450kg.
  3. Single driven wheel at the back. Sierra discs at the front, bike disc at the rear. I’ve taken off the m/c and servo which was driving a single circuit and am now considering a dual 19mm m/c, with some sort of restricting valve on the rear circuit to prevent lockup.
  4. Hi all. I’ve just acquired a part built 3 wheeler running a 900 Suzuki motor. Needs the dreaded Iva test, but need lots of input. For starters, I believe I need a split circuit for the brakes. How does one proportion the braking circuits? One circuit for the fronts, and one circuit for the single wheel?
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